03.05.2017 The information system of ensuring town-planning activity "Farvater-ISOGD" expands automation of town-planning activity of the Rostov region

The company Internet-Fregat, within the municipal contract with Management on architecture and town planning of the city of Bataysk of the Rostov region, has executed delivery of the Information system of ensuring town-planning activity of "Farvater-ISOGD".

The system allows the staff of Management to cope with tasks and processes of use of territories of Bataysk effectively.

"Farvater-ISOGD" it is intended for expeditious providing information to interested persons (investors, builders, structural divisions of Administration) and has a number of advantages:

  • reduces the corruption capacity of the made administrative decisions,
  • unites and systematizes town-planning data,
  • accelerates process of implementation of the municipal program of rendering of services in electronic form,
  • optimizes expenses of time and increases quality of providing municipal services,
  • reduces terms of preparation of documents for registration of the rights for real estate objects.
  • The company has introduced the Farvater-ISOGD system in Administrations of the cities of Azov, Gukovo, Novocherkassk, Shakhty, Rostov-on-Don and Aksay district of the Rostov region.

    "Internet Frigate" plans to assist further development of automation in municipal local governments for a possibility of improvement of quality of the services provided to the population.

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