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09.03.2016 Work on maintenance and development of the Investments and Innovations Internet portal of Rostov-on-Don is continued

The Investments and Innovations Internet portal of Rostov-on-Don is an electronic help and information web resource which is directed to creation of a common information space of the investment and innovative market of Rostov-on-Don.

The Internet-Fregat company not the first year carry out maintenance of the Investments and Innovations portal of Rostov-on-Don. So, for example, last summer the Internet portal got a new image and received a number of improvements.

In the current year, by request of Department of economy of Rostov-on-Don, work on development of this Internet resource, and also on its support, updating and advance is continued.

Achievement of the following main indicators is planned:

Х expansion of functionality and increase of the general convenience of use of the Internet portal;

Х realization of the actions for formation of favorable investment climate provided by the municipal Program "Stimulation of Economic Activity, Assistance to Development of Business in Rostov-on-Don";

Х increase of investment appeal of Rostov-on-Don;

Х promoting of the Internet portal by means of social Internet resources;

Х expansion of audience of web system.

Besides, within rendering services in support of the project, information exchange between the Investments and Innovations portal of Rostov-on-Don and the information and analytical system "Passport of a Development of the City" developed on the basis of the Factor platform will be realized. This interaction will provide a possibility of regular automatic transfer of data from storage of the data given the Passport of a Development of the City systems in the database of the Portal taking into account preservation.

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